January 01, 2006

The "Market Forces" worked in 2005!

We came right down to the wire. Oh, the THRILL of it all! There I was, hunched over my G4, desperately trying to buy/sell/trade/issue bonds...basically anything legal that BlogShares allows for players on the trading floor ~ And THERE! Right THERE! I sold off most of the shares I owned in stale blogs, bought shares in vibrant, progressive blogs and humorous ones to boot, and by golly...I increased Heathen Monk's monthly earnings by more than 200%! I'm rich, I tell ya - RICH!

And the nicest thing is, that anyone with an internet connection can stop by and search for that mean ol' Heathen Monk, or "A Heathen's Perpective," or even "redUmbrella," and see the list of undervalued blogs we found in 2005. You'll have to dig a little deeper to see whose blogs our "analysts" predict great things for this year. But it's there! Ain't life grand?

All my best,


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At 4:14 AM, Blogger Beth said...

Yes Market is doing the same as it was doing in 2005

great article. Must be appreciated.

Beth ihampers.co.uk


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