July 11, 2005

Roll Up Your Sleeves and Dig In!

Online research. It's here. Not to fear. Get using it! Among other fine sites we've chosen a few from "Sites Worth a Visit" to whet your appetite. Let's start with the mother of all Web resources, The Internet Archive. Consider it the Smithsonian of the World Wide Web. But wait! Don't surf away yet! The Columbia School of Journalism (CJR) is chock full of information and opinion. Why not start with the list of which corporations own what? You'll find it right here. And of course all of your legal inquiries can be tracked down at the Cornell Legal Information Institute. Finally, if you're against the death penalty and want to keep an eye on developments around the country, try The Death Penalty Information Center. These and other sites around the Web should keep you busy during your summer break.

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